You may be familiar with Guardians of the Vote training which a number of counties sponsored in the past. Great news – this Illinois Conservative Union effort has grown into a larger team of volunteers working under the Illinois Election Integrity Program (IEIP*). In the 2022 General Election, the Illinois GOP joined with IEIP and other grassroots organizations to form a coalition to train and launch election observers. There were more than 1700 participants and the teams are planning now for 2024.

Your county can start a local working group with a handful of concerned residents. There’s not magic number needed to get started. Volunteers with the IEIP are willing to come alongside to train, share resources and if desired, match up mentors on how to get started. One county had just two election observers in the June primary, but with the support of IEIP, they trained and launched more than 90 observers last November. There is no group too small to get on board!

The IL Coalition also works with the national working groups of the Election Integrity Network to access resources and collaboration on successes and strategies. Check out  whoscounting.us

Carol Davis will join our February meeting to give an overview and provide a brief Q & A. She’ll also tell us about an Election Integrity Summit being planned for May 2023. If you and others in your county would like to get an election integrity group started, this EI Summit will be an invaluable opportunity. Please share your county’s interest by responding to the 5 questions below by February 8.

*IEIP is a project of Illinois Conservative Union (ICU), a not-for-profit 501(c)(4), non-partisan, Illinois
Bona Fide State Civic Organization.