Rauner Campaign and Republicans Hone in on Taxes, Term Limits, and the Future of Illinois

This week, the Rauner campaign and Republicans are honing in on the central issues voters will face in November: taxes, term limits, and the future of Illinois. With new ads, a People’s Pledge event in Springfield, and a press conference on Pritzker’s tax hike agenda in Rockford, Republicans are focused on fighting for Illinois families.

Take a look at some of the coverage from this week:


  • WCIA:
    Pritzker floated an idea months ago to explore a Vehicle Mileage Tax (or VMT) during a newspaper editorial board interview.

    “They have done tests recently for a VMT tax because we have more and more electric cars on the road, more and more hybrids, and because gas mileage is rising,” Pritzker told the Daily Herald in January.

    Now the governor’s campaign is taking Pritzker’s statements a step further, hammering him in an ominous attack ad.

    …Civil liberties advocates warn against implementing government tracking systems, arguing that it violates personal privacy rights. Six years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that monitoring people’s movement with GPS technology without a warrant violates the rights guaranteed in the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.

  • Chicago Tribune:
    National GOP group attacks Pritzker: State Solutions, an affiliate of the Republican Governors Association, has launched an ad that follows up on a new Rauner TV spot attacking Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker for considering a mileage tax.

    “Buying a car you pay a sales tax. Filling up? You pay a gas tax. But how would you feel about paying a tax just to drive? That’s the plan J.B. Pritzker is considering. Charge a new tax per mile you drive in Illinois,” a narrator says.

    “Not only would they charge you just for driving. But they might even install a state GPS in your car to keep track of it. Call your legislators. Tell them to oppose the mileage tax,” the narrator adds.

    The ad also contends Pritzker wants to impose a 1.5-cent-per-mile tax, but he hasn’t proposed any specific plans involving a vehicle mileage tax. He has said only that it should be considered among a host of ideas to come up with funding for a state infrastructure plan to improve roads and bridges.

    Rauner’s campaign launched its own attack on Pritzker and a vehicle mileage tax earlier this week.

    There is a subtext to the Republican Governors Association’s involvement. The RGA has begun sending resources to various races across the country, and new the ad shows it’s still playing in Illinois.

  • WIFR Rockford:
    Today, Bruce Rauner’s Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti stopped in Rockford to talk about Rauner’s gubernatorial opponent JB Pritzker’s plan to institute a graduated income tax hike. Sanguinetti says that despite Pritzker’s claims that this would only affect the wealthy, she believes the tax hike would crush the middle class and be a disaster for the state.

Term Limits:


  • WJBC:
    When a candidate for the Illinois General Assembly knocks on your door, Gov. Bruce Rauner wants you to ask this question: Have you signed the People’s Pledge?

    The pledge, signed by Rauner and Springfield-area GOP candidates at a Springfield factory Wednesday morning, vows to put legislative- and executive-branch term limits on the ballot and also to elect somebody other than incumbent Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) as speaker.

    Rauner said staying in the legislature since 1971 and being speaker for more than three decades is “corruption at its core” and promises to serve as governor no more than two terms.


The Future of Illinois:


  • NBC Chicago:
    Gov. Bruce Rauner is bringing back a familiar face to help his re-election bid.

    Rauner’s wife Diana – who was featured in a popular campaign ad in 2014 – is once again reaching out to voters through television screens in a new ad released Thursday.

    “Bruce ran for governor to try to save our state,” the first lady says, adding, “It hasn’t been easy, but nothing important ever is.”

    Diana Rauner says her husband “stopped the insanity and delivered.” While she did not mention Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan by name, or link him to Democratic nominee J.B. Pritzker – which has been her husband’s main campaign strategy – Diana Rauner does refer to “40 years of mismanagement,” saying it “can’t be turned around in four years.”

  • Politico:
    Gov. Bruce Rauner is bringing out the big guns in his bid for re-election. That’s right. First lady of Illinois Diana Rauner is featured in the campaign’s latest ad. Titled “This Election Is a Choice,” it shows her explaining that her husband ran for office “to try to save” Illinois. And she talks about social issues women voters care about.

    “It hasn’t been easy but nothing important ever is,” she says. “Bruce took on the big problems. Education funding reform, Medicaid reform, criminal-justice reform. He stopped the insanity and delivered. But 40 years of mismanagement can’t be turned around in four years. This election is a choice. Do we keep moving toward reform? Or go back to the status quo that got us into this mess.”