Prosecutor Abandons Democrat Party Platform To Join GOP

Rebelling against the increasingly radical leftwing socialist agenda that is engulfing the Democrat Party, Jefferson County State’s Attorney Sean Featherstun has resigned his membership in the Democrat Party and announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination to continue his service in office.

The Mt. Vernon native served as the Public defender for far south Jefferson County before winning the office of State’s Attorney in 2016.

Primarily concerned with new laws that restrict gun ownership in southern Illinois as a leftist liberal knee jerk response to unchecked violence in Chicago over 250 miles away, Featherstun stated that the decision to switch parties was simple once it was a choice between upholding 2nd Amendment rights or unreasonable and unconstitutional restrictions. Featherstun is an NRA member, a conceal carry permit holder and a member of a downstate gun club.

Featherstun also stated that the entire direction of the Democrat party platform to the far left on moral and social special interest issues made his continued association with the Democrats impossible to reconcile with his personal beliefs.