95 Days Left: Pritzker Wants to Take Away Opportunity From Low-Income Children

August is here and Illinois students will be heading back to school soon, but JB Pritzker wants to take away a program providing educational choice to low-income families.

Despite his plans to raise taxes without saying how high, Pritzker has been adamant that he wouldimmediately eliminate the Invest In Kids tax credit scholarship program.

The Invest In Kids Program provides opportunity for children and families who want the ability to choose the best educational option for their children. The scholarship program is the first in Illinois history, and is a cornerstone of the new education funding formula bill.

Here’s what the Chicago Tribune’s Kristen McQueary had to say when Pritzker said he would get rid of scholarships: “let’s give Pritzker the benefit of the doubt. He didn’t know what he was saying. He doesn’t understand the program. It’s the only plausible explanation. Why? Because the other explanation is that a billionaire candidate for governor is willing to impose a lower education standard on poor families that he would never tolerate for his own.”

Pritzker wants to take away educational opportunity for low-income families, but has no problem pushing tax hikes on Illinoisans while dodging his own taxes. Check out what he said during his April press conference:

Reporter: What happens to the tuition tax credits if you should win?

Pritzker: We’re gonna get rid of them.

Reporter: Immediately?

Pritzker: Yep. Yep.